Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Post and Getting Ready for School!!

Hey! I'm Lauren and I've been getting ready for my second year teaching Pre-K.  I am so thrilled to be writing my first post! My classroom has been touched ONCE this summer (yesterday) and I need to go back soon.  As soon as my room is finished I'll share some pictures. I have been gearing up for school, looking for deals and crafting all while taking my first masters courses. :) First, I want to share my new pencil door hanger. I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest and with the help of my dad cutting out the wood, I have painted a cute sign to hang outside my door. My students call me Miss Lauren because my para and I share the same last name! I still need to add the wire hanger, but here it is:

Next, I LOVE Target, as do most women, but as a teacher I go for the dollar spot! These are a few things I found while there: smiley stickers that the kids will use to trace their names, ABC stickers for a chicka chicka boom boom name activity, chalkboard bubble, animal flash cards for the science center, some crayola magnets that we'll use for sorting and a 6 in 1 hammer, but that was $3 (sorry for the flash reflection).

Look what the chalkboard bubble will be used for! I turned it upside down and used my chalk markers for the writing.  The kids will hold it up for a photo on the first day of school! Last year I did the frame, but this is quicker and easier to store. The kindergarten one is for my mom, she's been teaching K for 28 years. :)

I also found some books for the first day of school, a dinosaur book and a new Pete the Cat that goes with our transportation theme. Who doesn't love Pete?

I also went to Walmart for their 25 cent glue sticks, die cuts, and a crate to make an extra seat for my writing center.  Last year I had a lot of kids go to writing, who knew, so I'm hoping my new students like it just as much. I also found some cute pirate notebooks that I'll use to jot down observations. Our beginning of the year theme is pirates, so I was excited about that.

Finally, I bought two more great items for the writing center. Notebooks from Office Max for a penny each and some name plates from Joann's for $3.99.  I'll add each child's picture and name so they can practice name writing! I don't use them on our tables, but I'll explain that later when I get my room ready. :)

I hope you enjoyed my first post and found some fun items that will help you get ready for school to start!

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  1. Do you have the measurements for your pencil sign? I love it!